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Quality certifications

WE ARE CERTIFIED FOR QUALITY WE CREATE PRODUCTS FOR OUR CUSTOMERS AND NON-CUSTOMERS FOR OUR PRODUCTS exfoliating -> mechanism of action of glycolic acid; PEPTIDI exfoliating proteins -> cosmetic functionality of low molecular weight peptides; peptide-based cometic compositions; antioxidant peptides POLYMERS -> ceramide-like; moisturizing polysaccharides COSMETIC POWDERS -> soft particles; microspheres; colors ANTI-AGE TREATMENTS COSMETIC…
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Solar Oil Production with Beta-carotene

Solar Oil Production with Beta-carotene SOLAR OIL with Beta-carotene and natural active ingredients. Stimulates the tan for a Summer at the top 100% MADE IN ITALY IN PRODUCTION PURISSIMO OIL with beta-carotene which has two independent effects on humans: it is a source of vitamin A and prevents the dangerous effects of free radicals. In…
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