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Personalized cosmetics services

La Mediterranee is a laboratory specializing in the formulation and development of cosmetic products that enhance the beneficial properties of the indigenous resources of the Mediterranean perfectly combining nature, know-how, professionalism and technological innovation.

La Mediterranee offers a wide range of customizable services in the field of cosmetics suitable for the needs of each type of customer. Our team will design and produce your exclusive cosmetic line starting from the graphic design to the choice of packaging, ingredients and fragrances suited to your concept and market positioning.

Why produce a personalized cosmetic line?

Here are the reasons why you need to produce a customized cosmetic line from a certified laboratory like ours.

The moment you decide to leave with the opening of a Parapharmacy, Pharmacy, Beauty Center, Herbalist, or if you simply want to change the image of an already open activity, you don’t have to give up creating your own personalized cosmetic line.

Any type of cosmetic product that you are reselling today in fact, even if it fits well with your work philosophy, will inexorably put you in front of a series of questions such as:


  • Are the cosmetic lines that I use today helping my business to become a recognized brand?

  • With the products of traditional companies do I have a valid return in economic terms?

  • With cosmetics that I use today, am I differentiating myself from the competition?

If your answer to these questions is No:

  • NO Traditional cosmetics do not help me create a strong and recognizable image of my business.

  • NO Representatives and distributors reduce my profit margins to the bone.
  • NO The cosmetics I use today do not differentiate me from the competition.

Then in your head a question should start turning around:

“Can I solve these problems with a single solution?”

Of course, the solution is:


Of course, we’re there, but first you need to understand that there are points to consider when creating a personalized cosmetic line.

  • There must be a willingness on your part to develop your own working method,

  • whether or not you have a working method, your Brand is important, you need to have a brand to launch on the market and even in this, if you don’t already have it, we’ll help you create it with our marketing and consulting service.

Personalized cosmetics are like a megaphone and serve to better communicate who you are and what you propose in your business and, if used in synergy with one of your work methods, they make you in effect a recognized BRAND.

So, if you don’t have the will to join a franchise, and you want to be free to create a strong identity, the solution you have to communicate your identity strongly is to create your own BRAND and your work method to use in synergy with personalized cosmetic products.

You don’t have to worry about anything, we’ll take care of everything, we’ll help you create your customized products, the marketing and communication line, and we’ll provide you with adequate training on products and operating methods.

We will help you strengthen the identity of your business, making you even more competitive on the market.

Additional strengths are:

  • The ability to choose the price of your products, eliminating the prices imposed by companies,

  • Customize a treatment from A to Z by creating your work protocols,

  • Communicate to customers that you are the specialist for a specific type of treatment by producing products based on your experience,

  • Avere dei prodotti che i tuoi clienti possano acquistare solo da te,
  • Have free advertising because your products with your name will enter the homes of your customers,

  • Reduce the full warehouse syndrome by reducing purchasing volumes,

  • Increase sales volumes,

It is clear, the advantages are many, it is up to you to start trying to understand where you want to start, because there are different ways you can go. You can have a label customization, or have a formula customization.

Understanding what your goal is is the basis for creating your future line.

You put custom cosmetics on display, and companies put them on the shelf.

If you really have to sell competitors’ cosmetics, give more space to yours, proposing them and exposing them always first than the others, eliminating everything that competes with them; so you will boost your BRAND. Some examples of custom lines:


  • COURTESY LINE HOTELS AND B&B with your personalized brand

  • OIL MILLS AND MILLS LINE with your personalized brand (possibility to use your oil)

  • WEDDING AND BOMBONIERE LINE (we create and customize your wedding favor)